Design. Implement. Maintain.


Our vision is to offer high-end technology service to companies of all sizes providing solutions that meet their needs. For us there is no small or large customer, there are only companies that understand the value of technology and through this want to cover their everyday needs and increase the efficiency of their staff and company as a total.

But that's not all. The battles worth fighting when you bring in a piece of technology to a customer are not only about how the solution will be deployed, but in how we find ways to fundamentally change their current practices and help them learn and grow with technology. This is what a complete IT consultant and partner has to provide as a service and this is what Smart NS targets to achieve.


Smart NS was established in 2004 having a goal to provide specialized services in the field of computer networks. The aim since its foundation is to differentiate itself from the concept of a conventional IT company and to obtain specific character and specialization. Today that is mandatory; while the concept of the technological partner that has general knowledge in the entire spectrum of technology is far outdated. Nowadays a company’s technical partner is required to have deep knowledge of their field and to be able to provide innovative solutions that are efficient on resources. Innovation and technology can make the difference and that makes them not only a privilege but a necessity. This necessity is our job!

Smart NS, having nearly 10 years of experience, have gained expertise on computer networks, IP telephony and supporting computer systems’ infrastructure. Undertaking the planning, installation and maintenance of computer networks and IP telephony systems, we transform them into essential tools for the everyday life of our customers. Proper pre-sale and high standard installation by our engineers guarantee the efficient and continuous operation of our setups.

We have achieved certifications and awards for the quality of our installations from international technology leaders such as Cisco and Panduit, but mainly our customers’ recommendations will prove the high quality of the services we provide.

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